Pixel Tool Update (v1.04)


First of all to be clear about this PixelTool:

This program born as an 1Bit Tool in addition to the assets pack just for fun. Since seems can also works with colors images and create 8bit images with good results i'm still working on it, but expect bugs, glitches and other weird things in case you use it in an intensive way not related to 1Bit.


Added a button to load local files and a "Url" button to load images from internet.

This last adition was due Mac/Linux users for some reason can get the image load with the others methods, with the URL button now they can use the program without problems. Thanks for the feedbacks!

Also added HSL = Hue, Saturation and Luminosity that gives more control about the image and give the chance to create greyscale images, set better the light due the bright at X values looks too white and the hue to give another color to the entire image.



Changed the "Toon Thresold" limits due in some white parts even at max still there was some black pixels around. For 1Bit images is useful but since i'm working also in make this tool works on the color ones to get 8bits style was a problem.


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This looks really cool! Any chance of releasing it separately from the asset pack?

Hi! No at the moment, this tool actually is more like a plus for the assets pack that turned have potential to do 8bits,etc... but too "prototype" to sell as standalone and give support.

I have problems with Linux/mac that only can load images via URL,etc... so if i can solve most of the problems and give a good version will be released separately, but now is like that, adding options just for fun :P

Maybe when i get something more stable i will post a poll or something talking about the limits and showing exactly what you can do and their results and see if people is ok paying of it and do a research about how much.

Good to know. Thanks for the reply!