PixaTool Features (1.14)

(The PixelTool 1.14 will be available soon)



  • All effects works with the palette colors limitation.
  • All features supported on Win/Mac/Linux.
  • Basic color reduction using posterize.
  • Basic FX: Contrast, Brightness, Sharpen, Blur, Vibrance, Gamma...
  • Special FX: Erosion/Dilation , Radial and Hexagonal Pixelation.
  • Pixelate image until 8x (From 512x512 to 64x64 real pixels).
  • Add/Remove RGB values from the overall image.
  • Dithering Types: Checks (Bayer dither soon).
  • 4 Dither checks modes: Normal, Additive, XOR, Destination OUT and Source Atop.
  • Dither Blur available for checks type.
  • Open files from local or internet with browser or dropping in the app.
  • Set palettes: Nes, Gameboy, Pico8, AAP-64, DB16, DB32, Matriax8c and B&W.
  • Create your own 16 color palette to use on the image(Saved with presets).
  • With Ctrl pressed on pick color sets auto next color slot.
  • Save/Load Presets(Any slider value) and custom palette if any.


  • Exports only at 512x512.
  • All imported images are resized to 512x512.
  • Exported alpha only using 16bits (Without custom palette).


If you have any doubt, please give me a touch on twitter:

You can see how to use PixelTool and all features/limitations in the playlist on youtube.

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I like the tool but I can't see how you can setup a custom palette. Also, will there be option to load and save in any size? 

The 1.14 version will be released tonight or tomorrow. Also i added the option to edit the RGB values of a color in a custom palette.

I will post a gif showing how the custom palette works. Also some videos in the next days showing how work with all that.

The tool is based and to work only with 512x512 images. ANy image at other ratio or size will be resized at 512x512 due how all works and is applied to do all the stuff. Maybe change in the future but for now is 512x512.


Thanks that will come in handy! I guess I can work around the size limitation. Looking forward to future updates!

For pixelArt purposes 512x512 is enough big. Also after export with the quality, pixelation or use any kind of the features, you can use PSP or any other program to change the real size, so is not a big problem ;) .