PixaTool 1.15


+ Bayer dithering 2x/4x/8x
+ 6 new Dithering patterns
+ 32 colors in custom palette



  • Exports only at 512x512.
  • All imported images are resized to 512x512.
  • Exported alpha only using 16bits (Without custom palette).


If you have any doubt, please give me a touch on twitter: @DavitMasia

You can see how to use PixelTool and all features/limitations in the playlist on youtube.

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Hi there! I just downloaded this and I'm getting a weird resolution bug when I open the program. (The program looks very tiny inside the window, and any image I try to export bizarrely crops to the low right-hand corner.) Any idea what might be causing this?

I'm on 64-bit Windows 7.

EDIT: Weirdly, if I grab the window while the program is opening and drag it around, it displays at the proper resolution when it's finished loading. Guess it's an okay workaround?

That bug shuld be fixed in the next version,. Just the program crops using the real aspect ratio, si if gets the window some pixels less then crops to 2x scale less.

Awesome! Thanks!