[Tutorial] PixaTool - Erosion & Dilation group

( For video tutorials Watch PixaTool playlist on youtube )


Erosion & Dilation sliders are very useful to make Dark/light pixels wider.

Using much pixelation makes the images unreadable if they are not made with big strokes.

To fix this, you have to use Erosion/Dilation depending if you want to show/hide light/dark pixels.


Two values
0 = Dilation (By Default makes dark pixels wider)
1 = Erosion (Makes light pixels wider)

Steps & Pixel XY

Calibrate how much width/height you want that colors and the position distance. Add for example 50 of intensity and play with their values and you will get perfectly how they work.


Just that, makes how much intensity apply to the values you provided above.

When is recomended to use it?

If your image is a floor, brick wall or similar and uses thick black/light lines or details use this group first to get exactly what you want.

Why? Because doing dark pixels wider will make your image darker, so next step will be adjust Brightness/Contrast/Light/Gamma/Exposure to fix this.



NOTE: At the moment this tool only can be purchased as part of my big game assets pack here:


(This tool started as a small 1Bit image converter as addition to the pack but after the good results on any kind of palettes and styles has been updated constantly. Still some bugs to be fixed and features to be added. So, will be released here as a standalone app when all that stuff gets fixed, improved or all features added.)



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Has the Mode for erosion & dilation been removed in 1.20? I'm using the win64 version:

Yes was removed, mainly because i always used the dark mode for get the lines/outlne and give space for Highlight/shadow sliders that i find them more useful and the Special FX tab.