PixaTool v1.58 Released !!

> Updated NW.JS to last version

> Fullscreen fixed (Pressing F)
> Size limit on single export fixed
> Dither bug on +2K images and up Fixed
> Dither improved for better results



New Pixatool v1.58 (Stable) 495 MB
Feb 05, 2021

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no dithering options? :( I like diagonal. I'm sad about the missing dithering options. The hexagon/radial pixelate halftone and triangles are also gone :( so many great things removed.

Yep, to make all compatible with all systems and less bugs we had to sacrifice some features :(

I'm surprised that you removed so much options from the new versions, but I guess since you can just use 1.35 since it's still available that's okay.

1.35 is superior in many respects, including ability to auto-create palettes (which is useful if you're working with larger palettes like 256 colors), different types of dithering, more built-in palettes and in new version it seems dithering doesn't work at all in small pictures. But since you do provide the old version that doesn't matter much.

Some suggestions regarding quality of life improvements:

- ability to add and replace palettes to the built in selection - switching  between multiple custom palettes is a chore, especially when also importing different images. 

- while were at it - if we could import multiple images and then browse between them with a slider that would also be awesome - I often need to compare the palette against multiple images and this would be such a time saver 

- ability to move the colors around the palette or include different automatic color sorting methods. 

- ability to specify exact number of colors so the black is not icluded by default. or just make the unused slots disabled by default (right now the only way to exclude black is to either decrease the contrast of the image or fill every slot with color but you have to do this with all 192 slots). Many palettes rely on not including the black so this should be a basic functionality.

- undo option - to undo the changes to settings and colors

- have the dither effect scale along with zoom - right now it's very frustrating to use because the effect gets messed up when you zoom in and out.

- it would help if contrast, saturation, brightness and tint options were on the same tab as the palette. you could also utilise the space on the left side of the app as it's mostly empty and for example - put the palette over there so it would be always visible.

- option to disable the grid mesh on the palette window because it makes harder to see subtle color differences between color slots 

I know it's a lot to ask but with just a few more tweaks this tool could be so much more useful. I use it all the time in my work already and I would gladly pay for an upgrade.

also a color counter would be nice to display the exact number of colors in the palette.

Wwould also be great if bayer dithering worked with custom palettes and not only the built in ones


When I go to Export my pixelated image, everything exports. Then when I go to preview my exported image, the image is blurred slightly and poor quality, and file file size is significantly smaller.  Before anything is exported, everything looks crisp and as it should be. Exporting only results in poor quality.

Why is this happening?

Thats weird, having in mind the images is exported via screenshot and should be the same. It happens with batch export too? Even if its one image, try exporting using the batch export option, does the same?

Thanks for the reply back.

Yes, it happens with batch export as well. I've tried importing as jpeg and png and get the same results after exporting. And I've tried both win64 and win32.

Eureka! I figured it out!

I'm not able to preview the exported image. But once I import it into Gamemaker, I'm able to res it up to say 200% and it retains all the pixels.

Great software :)

Hi Kronbits!

Is there any way to change the background color when applying a palette and exporting? It seems like it's always black, I'd love to have a feature to keep it transparent or at least choose the color... Thanks

No sorry, when apply the palette it applies to all the canvas.

Is there any way to set it to a different color other than #ffffff?

Import your image with a different background color first with the desired one for example.

That makes a lot of sense, sometimes we overlook the easiest solutions. Thanks man. Great program!

It's a real shame about the transparent background being lost during the palette conversion as this makes the PixaTool workflow just unusable for my game development. Oh well. 

Hello, I have a problem.

When I process multiple images with "Batch Images" in "PixaTool v1.58", only the last image is output.

It seems that multiple images are actually being output, but they are being output under the same file name.

Can you please confirm this?

I'm sorry if this depends on my environment.

Windows 10 64bit.

Resolved. It doesn't seem to work if the file name contains "@", so I changed the name and it worked.


I bought, but honestly, I feel extremely underwhelmed as all this does is resize pictures to smaller size, rather than pixelating them. I could do that with ANY image manager.

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I bought it, but have a problem, if I may:
Using even set or imported palettes the picture(preview) just goes away and only comes back when I disable...so palettes do not work, Do I do something wrong? (win7 x64)
edit:in version 157 it works btw perfectly

Hi, thanks for let me know, will take a look to see what can be. I recommend 1.57 Btw because is the most tested one, 1.58 added some experimental improvements and fails in some stuff like this one.

Hello, I would like to buy this, but which presets for games do exist? By chance, do Chrono Trigger and Seiken Densetsu 3 / Trials of Mana presets exist? (SNES era games)?

I haven't been checking updates for a while, I noticed that the color picker is finally implemented, that's great!

Unfortunately the dither preview is still broken - when zooming the image the dither is applayed to the screen pixels, not to the image pixels, meaning you get different results with different zoom levels, which is pretty terrible. And also with pixelisation turned off the dither effect doesn't show at all (it used to in previous versions). This means I can't apply dither to the image without changing it's resolution and I'm pretty sure I was able to this in the past. It was a very useful feature.

I can't export anything in 1.58, but I can export stuff from 1.57 and 1.55. what gives?

Weird, can you try the batch export option even with only one file to see the same happens. Also try run as admin the app, and export the files inside the app or out app folder to see if there is any difference.

I have tried every single thing you listed here and none of it changed anything, no image is saved into any folder I'm aware of when I export

And only happens on v1.58 ? others works fine?

Have you tried with different images sizes? Is weird because i tested and worked even in OS last time checked.

Im gonna check some stuff.

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it only happens in 1.58, and it doesn't matter what size the image is being imported or being exported. also, to be clear, I'm using windows 10

No idea it works on my side, maybe is because i compiled with a new version of the NW.JS or something. I will try more stuff tomorrow to se what changed in the last one that makes no able to export.

Sorry for the oncovenience!.

Hey there! I just purchased PixaTool but I'm having some problems getting a dithering effect right now. I already have the image as the native size I want, but the dither only seems to display correctly if I increase the Pixelate W and H. The problem is, when I export the image as a result, it comes out tiny, because it's been scaled down by a factor of 8. Without these set to 8:8, the dither doesn't affect the picture at all. Anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this? Cheers!


For bayer dithering you have to use pixel W/H 1, if not on resize the dither will be lost.

For the checks dithering, you can set pixel  W/H anything what you want, on export the scale will be 1:1 but dither will be there, because in this case the dither is applied depending of the Pixelation W/H amount.

It looks like 1.55 and up are now Windows-only, according to the product pages. Is that true? I’ve been using 1.35 on Mac for a couple of years now and just noticed that 1.5x is out.

The mac version is included in last one too, also linux, just for new buyers is hidden and set Windows only due problems on mac.

If you bought it, go to library and download the last version, mac is included, just i dropped the mac support.

Great, thank you! Downloading now. :)

Oh so there is a linux build? I wanted to buy it, but noticed it's windows only ...

The earlier version allowed importing video to pixelate, I don't see the import video on this version. The UI looks cleaner now

Yep, for video you have to use the old one. Was unable to include it on the last ones (1.5 and up.)

Thanx it still works great for me for the effects when I use it. The UI is getting better everytime you update it

ui goes all wonky when zooming in and out of image on win64

the exported image is much smaller, how can I keep the size of the original image?

Just remove pixelation W/H to keep the same size.

If the image is 512x and you set pixelation 4, then will be exported at 128x, because 512/4=128 to give you the real 1:1 aspect ratio.

If you want the pixelated version, after export, in PSP ot other software just resize the image X times you want to get 4x,8x,6x or what you want.