Wood Planks conversion process with PixaTool

Wood Planks conversion process with PixaTool.

Somebody requested on twitter how this conversion was made after see the final result so here is the .GIF with the full process. The palette used is Matriax128 made by me and can be found in the tool in the “palettes” folder with other like Quake, Doom, DUke3D, Hexen,etc…

Hope help you guys to achieve better things! ;) .

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is there a way to scale a png? for exaple woud import 128x200 img and scale it to 64x64, or i have to use other software to do it?

You will need to use other software to get that sizes.

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Can we have an import pallet from image feature? Like I already have an established pallet for my game, but having to manually input colors is a big time sink and pain point.

You will need to save the colors in .pal format and import to the tool