PixaTool 1.55 Released !!!

PixaTool 1.55 Released !!!

[ --- Fixed --- ]

> Quake palette > Keep aspect ratio with different pixelations
> Reset values also for palette & numbers

Enjoy! :D


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30 days ago

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Love this tool!

I know this has been asked before, but it would be really fantastic to get an "export at current resolution" option or something, just to save the extra step from having to go into Photoshop/etc and resize all the output!

Also, it would be awesome to have a "tiled view" to see what the image looks like tiled, to see how it looks repeating and so on :)

Just some suggestions!  I love it as-is as well.  Thanks for this tool!

Hello, I bought your assets and also got this cool software. Is there any way I can convert my images in black and white? :D

Go to Color and set Saturation to 0 so you will get that Black/White effects.

Thank you! Is it the way how you convert images to 1bit art?

Oh! You mean only 2 colors. Then go to palette tab and in the palette slider select the Black&White. Or in the palette slots in the top add the black and white color and press "set".


Thank you! it worked :D

Bought yesterday, love many of the features.  Is there any way to preserve the alpha channel (ie blank brackground)?

Only using 16 bits, with palette the alpha/transparency is lost. One trick is having this in mind prepare the image before use the tool so you can erase the color around easily.

Ok, will work around it.  One other question I have as I watch the tutorials, there looks like an earlier version had a "black outline" feature, I would love to be able to add an outline/border, is that something that still exists?

Well, not was an outline, was a "toon effect" that creates a black ouline also inside the image that i remove it at the end due some times in some GPUs is glitched :(


Hi, do you think we could use the Matriax8c palette in our game? We would like to implement a palette swap option, and this would be one of the options. Sorry for asking here but I couldn't find a way to send a PM anywhere. You can message me  @DavidKayConrad on Twitter.

Hey! yes no problem!, as far as i know palettes not have copyright, or in my case my matriax8c and 128c not have. So go ahead. My twitter is @DavitMasia in case you have any more doubts.

Awesome! I wanted to be sure about that:) We want to properly credit all contributors to the game