PixaTool 1.55 Released !!!

PixaTool 1.55 Released !!!

[ --- Fixed --- ]

> Quake palette > Keep aspect ratio with different pixelations
> Reset values also for palette & numbers

Enjoy! :D


New PixaTool v1.55 290 MB
Mar 26, 2018

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I love this software.  When I export graphic, it always has a black/colored background.  Is there anyway to make it transparent? 

not sorry only with 16bit

Thanks for responding! What is 16bit? is that a different program?

if you not use any palete is 16 bit, then you export alpha, in the moment you use palete it becomes 8bit

Okay, thanks!

If you want a transparent background you can use image magick. For example

convert opaque-image.png original.png -compose CopyOpacity -composite PNG32:output.png

The original and opaque one need to have the same size though.  I'm using linux and wrote a tiny bash script for convenience.

I know this is a old post, but it's the first and only result on google on this question, so it might help others.

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Hi Kronbits , longtime user of your excellent software - quick question: using the latest build of newpixatool, when i go to export, the export file name autofills as "download" and "all files" and refuses to export any images (I'm on a fresh windows 10 install, but this was doing this sporadically on my old W10 PC as well). On multiple open/closes, the problem persists. Tried changing the autofill name but it still doesn't export as anything. Any advice would be very much appreciated! Hope you are well friend : )

edit: confirming that the 64bit version 100% does this, but the 32bit version only does sporadically. I tried using a smaller image (around 2000px) and it seemed to have the problem less.


This is due the export image is bigger than 1.5mb . Use Batch export to avoid the file size limit.

Great, thanks for the quick response : )

How do i use the linux version of the program, my computer can find any runable files  in  any of the versions even after running  chmod a+x pixatool and the windows version through wine doesnt start up at all. 

note this isnt just the v1.55 this is also the 156 135 155 and any other download versions that itch.io gave me.

The runnable files in linux versions are "Pixatool" the ones with 54-59kb. on 32/64bits.

BTW, i dropped linux support time ago due problems like this. Some people run without problems and others can't extract the files or comes with errors, thats why i set the app only Windows/Mac and set in the first line of description: 

"** Test DEMO and read the Limitations List before buy **"

Some causes the linux version not work can be like in OSX, that depending in which program you use to extract the zip the tool will run or not. Are you using the .zip program or the own linux extractor for zips? In OSX the tool only will work if you extract the zip using the MAC one. No idea why, but if you use the zip programafter unzip it says the tool is damaged and can't be run.

huh thats odd, yah i was just using the OSX unzip but i just tried the .zip program and got the same result.

well i bought it as part of a bundle so i'm not mad or anything. 

Have you tried this fixes for OSX ?


Also check what this guy said about OSX version:


He used a extractor from appstore that worked. Is OSX giving you any kind of error? Without feeedback, screenshot of what happens i can't help too much

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Hey Kronbits, your tool looks awesome, I made a purchase today but sadly I can't run the application. I'm running macOS Catalina 10.15.2

I checked the General Security & Privacy settings where you can usually open blocked applications by the operating system without any luck. Any advice?

Can't wait to get my hands the tool, keep up the good work!


It looks you unzip using the Mac extractor instead the zip app? if you used one of the methods try the other.


Hey Kronbits, I found that neither the "Archive Utility nor "The Unarchiver" could perform the task (Unarchiver gave a different popup: File not found after trying to run the application) but I found from Appstore "Extractor - Unarchive files" that did the trick! Thanks for the great tip!



BetterZIP worked for me also.

I've just bought today PixaTool. I cannot export the modified image. I press "Export" then save the .png, but the result is the same as original image without pixellation.

You always export at 1:1. All depends of pixelation you set.

If you have a 4 pixelations for H/w and the image is 512x512, the exported image will be 128x128, due 512/4= 128. So exports at 1:1 to be ready to use, in games or whatever, so you not need to resize, that all people requested so i made in this way.

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Sorry. I don't understand. I have an image 1600x1200. I use pixellation 12 (the max). It will export an image of 133x100 but not pixellated, the details are same as the original. In the preview the image is correctly pixellated.

I need a pixellated version of the input image.

Update: tried also the Sharpen property but the exported image is same as orginal.

If for some reason you need a 1600x1200, just the resized output resize again to 1600x1200 and you will get the pixelated version.

If any of the effects like sharpen,etc... not works maybe your GPU is blacklisted to not use WebGL. Can you post a screenshot of the tool? Also are you using Windows version?

I have Windows 10 last version, with Ryzen 2600 and Asus Nvidia GTX 1070.

Here a screenshot:

I wanted to check the GPU is not blacklisted and all looks fine.

If you add contrast/brightness the image changes in the app? If you add brightnes or other, when you export the image has more brightness or the effect you applied? Try without pixelation first so no resize on export will be done so you can compare better the images.

is it possible to disable black color in a custom palette? 

Nope sorry, i tried various ways, in part to enable transparent pixels in palette mode, so you can get custom palete + transparent , but found no way using all the pixel system :(

Doe this software support importing images and palettes by drag and dropping? Doesn't seem to work. 

No, there is a button for load/save palettes. No dropping support.

I really love this software, but  need to export more big for continue to work in photoshop or in other software, idem for video. :) 

@kronbits, did you drop the linux support ?
I see no reference of a linux version after 1.54

I guess I would be fine with a build of 1.54 either way, but the purchase page only mentioned 1.55+ so hesitant to buy.

Due some problems and refunds  for some people the linux version not works correctly, for others  ok, so as no idea of what caused i end the linux version releases.

This tool looks so cool. Just purchased and have two issues I would love fixed (or to find out what I'm doing incorrectly...).

First, zooming seems to only work with mouse wheel? I'm using a track pad on OSX and there's almost no way to sanely zoom this (insane speeds). Hot keys would be appreciated....

Secondly, when I zoom, the pixelation changes to the zoom level instead of holding constant (there also don't seem to be any image resize options?).  And export blows away the current view and puts it at 1:1 -- which is super irksome and I don't even see how to get myself back to a 1:1 view with the controls? (is there a % somewhere?)

Thanks, otherwise, way cool!

You always export at 1:1. All depends of pixelation you set.

If you have a 4 pixelations for H/w and the image is 512x512, the exported image will be 128x128, due 512/4= 128. So exports at 1:1 to be ready to use, in games or whatever, so you not need to resize, that all people requested so i made in this way.

And yes to zoom only works with mouse wheel sorry.

I'm having a problem exporting high resolution (4000 pixels+) on Windows 10 with Pixatool, can you help me?

Whats the problem? . You tested in WIndow and Fullscreen mode? Press "F" to go to fullscreen and try to export.

If the problem is related to the size(MB) and when you try to save the pic the word "download" appears in the name is due chrome is limited a 1.5mb per image. To avoid this use the "Batch export" just load the unique image you want to avoid this chromium limitation.

If not one of this cases, please attach a screenshot or a link to some video or how to reproduce the error/bug.

Yeah, that second one, I think that's it! And thank you, now I can fix this.

Incidentally, what's the upper limit on amount of files batch can handle?

No idea about batch limit, maybe none, i tested with around 60 files and worked, just needs time.

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Does this version fetaure the color picker? the drag and drop image interface also doesn't seem to work anymore. Oh, and some of the effects like dithering and scanlines only have a correct preview on 1:1 zoom. But this was also an issue in older versions. The C64 palette still needs a fix. It has one grey tone too many and no purple. Aside form that the tool works perfect. 

No color picker in this version since you can load any external palete colors to be used. The drag&drop image should work. Also clicking in the image two times place it to the center ¿?.

Using zoom changes how the image looks because all the effects, palette and shaders are applied to the actual image dimesions.

About th C64  mmm works correct to me ¿? What is the color needs to be added and which color needs to be removed ¿?


Color picker would come in handy anyway. I sometimes need a pallete with exact colors from the image and now I have to tediously recreate them with color sliders.

This is the result I'm getting with c64 palette:

What SO are you using?

Windows 10 if that's what you're asking

Hi, i uploaded a 1.56 version that should have the C64 palette fixed, let me know.


Cool, but I got the tool with the asset pack bundle, can you upload it there as well? thanks!

Oh! sorry, i just uploaded it! ;)

pixa tool doesn't support all palette formats. if I want to make a custom palette I need to find a software that can export the palette in viable format first. It's a very annoying workaround. if it's possible to add the color picker then I would really insist on adding it. It's a crucial tool for this kind of software. Or make it compatible with all palette formats. I used krita to make my custom palettes and the .kpl format is not supported.

Pixatool works with .PAL format. You can export in that format with adobe photoshop, aseprite, paint shop pro, etc... to use in Pixatool. I choosed .PAL format due when i did a research and talked with some people seems the format more used.


Love this tool!

I know this has been asked before, but it would be really fantastic to get an "export at current resolution" option or something, just to save the extra step from having to go into Photoshop/etc and resize all the output!

Also, it would be awesome to have a "tiled view" to see what the image looks like tiled, to see how it looks repeating and so on :)

Just some suggestions!  I love it as-is as well.  Thanks for this tool!

Hello, I bought your assets and also got this cool software. Is there any way I can convert my images in black and white? :D

Go to Color and set Saturation to 0 so you will get that Black/White effects.

Thank you! Is it the way how you convert images to 1bit art?

Oh! You mean only 2 colors. Then go to palette tab and in the palette slider select the Black&White. Or in the palette slots in the top add the black and white color and press "set".


Thank you! it worked :D


Bought yesterday, love many of the features.  Is there any way to preserve the alpha channel (ie blank brackground)?

Only using 16 bits, with palette the alpha/transparency is lost. One trick is having this in mind prepare the image before use the tool so you can erase the color around easily.

Ok, will work around it.  One other question I have as I watch the tutorials, there looks like an earlier version had a "black outline" feature, I would love to be able to add an outline/border, is that something that still exists?

Well, not was an outline, was a "toon effect" that creates a black ouline also inside the image that i remove it at the end due some times in some GPUs is glitched :(


Hi, do you think we could use the Matriax8c palette in our game? We would like to implement a palette swap option, and this would be one of the options. Sorry for asking here but I couldn't find a way to send a PM anywhere. You can message me  @DavidKayConrad on Twitter.

Hey! yes no problem!, as far as i know palettes not have copyright, or in my case my matriax8c and 128c not have. So go ahead. My twitter is @DavitMasia in case you have any more doubts.

Awesome! I wanted to be sure about that:) We want to properly credit all contributors to the game