PixaTool 1.52 Released !!!

[ --- News --- ]
> Zoom In/Out with Mouse Wheel
> Info tab (Credits+Hotkeys+Tips)
> W/S LeftBar Navigation
> Drag&Drop Image
> 12 Dither Blends + Add Mode
> Erosion & Dilation Fixed
> UI improvements / Design

Enjoy! :D


New PixaTool v1.52 308 MB
Mar 12, 2018

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Problème sur OSX, aucun réglage ne fonctionne.

To anyone who is considering buying. This program is 5/5 stars. Especially with game design. I've been using this program to convert any  assets and artwork to cohere with one another by matching up the color palette. Also saving a large amount of time on creating LOD for any texture for controlled performance. And converting any drawn/brought/stolen images into pixel art, you can't get the same result and functionality with PS Nearest Neighbour. As time goes by, the ease of use and user friendliness of the interface gets better.  Don't muck around and think so much, just buy this program and create your dream content today. Trust me, I'm currently in development hell and I regretted not using this a long time ago.

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Hi, love the new look! On the 'Tips' in the 'Info' section, it saids to right click on value to change it while right click resets the slider to default and left click changes the slider for me btw.  Was wondering if it's a typo error. However, I like that the right click resets slider to default. Though, the right click reset only works when you click on the left half of the slider bar. Personally, it may be better for right click to work anywhere on the slider bar. But that's a low priority first world problem.

Double click to center is a godsend, thank you so much for that. And I can finally export the full image now! Instead of having it cut off  with empty black.

And moreover, this one is a priority for me. I was hoping to request that the image will be saved/exported how it appears ALSO at the mouse wheel zoom-in level. Not just at the Pixelate W and Pixelate H values. Only if everyone else using it is on board with that.

Thank you Davit and Stanislav.

The right clik on the name resets to default and right click on the numbers gives you the option to set the values manually.

At the moment exports at 1:1. when there is some pixelation. Btw, you can always resize in PSP,etc... i changes this because in the old version all peole wanted the 1:1 export, real size pixels. But will se how cover both ways.

Oh that's what that tip meant, that right click function is a lot better! Thank you for that change.

And I understand about the 1:1 export size. Perhaps another function such as "Export as shown" would be in consideration for the future.

 I'm not great at wording the request. Currently I have to Print Screen and paste into a Photo Editing program to then crop and resize it down to 1x pixel. My goal is the 3rd image as shown in the image below:

But understandably you're quite busy . And thank you for such a speedy response. 

When exports should be 1:1 size, and if you want resize to get the same you have to use a resize with "nearest neightbor" to avoid that blurry images. The exported version should be the same as the  pixatool version, just at 1:1. I will se what can be.

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Is it possible to just choose the number of colours to use instead of using certain palettes? Like this webtool can do  https://www.pixel-stitch.net/ ? I couldnt find the option and if there isnt anything really like that it would be great if it could get implemented! :)

Not that option in this moment but maybe is possible add something that can fit with that. Will look into it ;)


Thanks, that would be great! :)