New PixaTool from scratch. Feedback needed.

Hi guys! need your feedback! 

Do this:

Download the "New PixaTool 1.5"

Import any image size (Like  4k)
Set whatever pixelation
Export the image



The image exported is completly exported without cuts and at 1x pixel ratio ?

Pixel ratio means that if image was 512x512 and you set 4x pixelation the exported image should be 128x128.


New PixaTool 1.5 (Very WIP) 325 MB
Mar 08, 2018

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Hello, I still use 32 bit windows, is it possible to run this  software on 32bit? and also if it comes on steam, can I apply for a steam key in the future after buying from here?

Many thanks, It looks like a great and useful software.


There is a demo, so you can download and test, and yes it should work on 32/64bit. And this tool is not available on steam only itchio.

Hello, and thank you very your response. I couldn't find the 32 bit demo, where may I find it friend?

Have you tried to run the 64bit one?

I did, but It says my OS is not compatible as mine is 32bit, this is why I would like to use a 32bit version.

Oh sorry! In full version there are all versions, but on demo only 64 bits, added the 32bits version. Let me know if works now.

Love the tool, just have a bit of a glitch where my exported image is EXTREMELY small. It looks great in the tool, but when I export it, it shrinks immensely. It does this with every image.

It exports to the 1:1 real size.

This means that if image size is 512x512 and you set 4x pixelation the export is: 128x128. Due 512/4=128.

the images I am importing/exporting are not 512x512. Is there any way I can export an image to the exact same size it was originally?

What i'm saying is the export image will be the image size divided by the amount of pixelation you set, so the exported image will be 1:1 ratio.

This was made in that way due people used to create textures,etc... for their games and after export they needed to resize the texture to 1:! to avoid the pixelation. SO i did that on export made the resize to 1:1 ratio already.

If for some case you need bigger size, you can always resize the image after export to the size you want. Adobe and other programs have batch export so you can give any amount of images to process.

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Just bought your tool, seems awesome. But I encountered an annoying bug in windows 10, the picture moves when i change the pixelate parameters. ( both 32 and 64 bit versions) Hope you can fix this!

Edit: Also export does not work properly. I zoom in and the picture zooms out again before exporting, so i get wrong resolution. Export with e.g. ASCII does not work at all.

The image is adapted to the new pixelate W and H you set., thats why it moves. You can drag/drop the image or double click in the image to set to center again.

The zoom in-out is just for view purposes. When you export the image the zoom is set to 1:1. Also if the image is 512x512 and you set pixelate WH to 4, the image exported will be 128x128, due 512/4=128 that are the real pixels and is made in this way due people want export the image at real pixels to use in their game as textures or whatever, instead of export at 512x512 with the pixelation and do in PSP another resize to get the 1:1 pixels.

About ascii in my case works perfect, Win7 64bits. Can you do a gif of what is happening to you?

OK, but the image moving is pretty annoying. I do not see a reason why it should do that..

About the ascii, it was an issue with combining too many effects and exported image was not the same as image in PixaTool.

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Is that a Construct logo? Anyway.... needs more NES, GameBoy, SNES and Genesis palettes. Maybe a way to preview them before they're loaded? The palette load should probably go into the default palette directory. Its tough to find after loading an image and then having to find the palette directory from there. Perhaps an eye dropper for the color picker?

Yes the tool is made with construct.

NES and Gameboy palettes are added by default in the palette tab on palette slider name, btw you can always load external palettes until 192 colors in .pal format.

What i do is just add the images i gonna work in some pixa folder. Will try to see how to improve that.


Any plans to bring back the old color palette presets?

Yep! just this version is a WIP, still have to add all the features in the old version. Just added some more hotkeys, the Zoom in/OUT ,etc... i guess monday will be another release.