PixaTool 1.34 Released

- Added: ZX Spectrum palette

- Added: Zoom (Mouse Wheel Up/down)


PixaTool 1.34 290 MB
Jan 11, 2018

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The interface is very small i cannot see nothing, is there a way to zoom in the interface ? thank you

. Be in mind the software nworks at 1280x720..Press F for full screen in case your screen resolution is small.

thank you! good part: yes if i go in full ccreen i can see all, bad news: if i go in full screen it frezes my laptop

So, the app crashes or just get blocked? You can press F again to return in window mode? The sliders not works anymore?. Also what OS are you using? Win/Mac/Linux ?

Hey, app dose not crash it just frezes laptop, very low performance when i am in fullscreen, i scroll a bar and it scrolls after 10 seconds. If i pres F to return in window mode again then the interface is again to small and i cannot see nothing. I am using windows 32 bit resolution 1366x700

Desktop or laptop? What GPU you have? Ram?