[Tutorial] How export video

(This feature wll be available in PixaTool 1.21)


1.- The video imported have to be .WEBM
I recommend Miro Video Converter because is free, simple and works perfect! (http://www.mirovideoconverter.com/)

2.- The video exported is .WEBM (VP8)
Maybe in future can also be exported with VP9
You can use Miro Video Converter to convert to .MP4

3.- While recording the APP can't be minimized/resized.
If you do that the exported video will be glitched or not work correctly.

You can move to the bottom of the screen or if your SO have various virtual desktops no problem. Same for two monitors.

The recording duration will be equal to the video total time. Just Plays/Records at same time.

*** NOTE !!! ***

Due Construct 2 engine limitations, audio can't be recorded.

So, you have to use a video editor(I use VIrtualDub) to mix the video exported with original audio.

Or just use VLC. Export the audio from the original source. Then merge the .WEBM and .MP3 original audio and export to the format you want. Search in Youtube "Merge audio and video with VLC". I will try to do my own tutorial to show but is very simple.



Press the "Advanced" button in the top center of the app.

In the center of the app will appear two options.

Option 1.
Play a video and edit values in real time to achieve the result desired.

Option 2.
This one will play and record automatically giving the option to save it after video ends.


Home: Restart video
Space : Play/Pause video
Re-Pag / AV-PAG: to go fordward/backward in video(5s step)


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Is there any way to get just just the program? I don't really need the assests.

Working to add some features like Bath procesing and fixing other bugs,etc.. when get all the standalone version will be released ;)