[Tutorial] PixaTool - Custom Palette

Things to know


1.- Palettes are saved with presets
This means you can create all the 32 color palettes you want to be applied later.

2.- On load preset press "set" button to apply
"Set" button apply the custom palette and the "clear" button removes the custom palette to the previous.

3.- Posterize and custom palette at same time
Can work together, if you not want the posterize reduction just set this slider to the max.

4.- Custom palette is applied the last
To be sure the final image only will use the colors you want all effects, dither,etc... are applied before.

This means that if you move the "saturation" slider, this on will affect to the real image, not to the custom palette colors. So, the colors in custom palette will adapt in real time to that change.

How to use


Click on a color slot and click in the image to select what color you want to add.

Look how the slot changes his color while you are over the image showing what color will be picked.

TIP: Hold "Control" while pick a color in the image to automatically set the next color to pick to make your palette faster without click again and again in the slot you want change.

RGB Sliders


Select a color in the custom palette you already created and move the sliders to set exactly the color you want.

If the custom palette is set, wHile you are doing this, you can watch in real time how that modified color adapts to the image.

RGB Linked


If you check this box the RGV sliders on the right will move at the same time.

Very useful when you simply want add light/dark values to a color instead of change this hue.

Dithering List


In this case the dithering is applied at 1x. This mean no matter how much pixelation you set to the image, for example 8x, the bayer dither will applied in 1x pixels.

The Bayer 2x/4x/8x means how much intensity or gradient if you prefer you want on the image.


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