Unreal Racing - (v0.0.9.2)

- Increased Min & Max motion blur

// Around 20-30% amount but decreased other values

- Changed some car values for better driving

// Torque share, differential, front/rear brakes...

- BP Drift/Normal system optimizations

// Code was executed every frame instead of trigger once

- Ghosting reduced on noise surfaces

// TAA shader edited & less normal intensity on asphalt

- Added FSR 1.0. Press 0 to change Quality/Ultra Quality

// First test using upscalers. DlSS in future.

- NEW CAR :: Peugeot 208 WRX 2018

// Diff mass distribution for upcoming new driving system

- NEW :: RallyCross track (WIP)

// Based on: Circuit Trois-Rivieres, Canada.

- NEW Physics event system to trigger sounds and FX

// That should give a more accurate feel

- New car system for better organization

// The old one was a bit mess

- FIXED :: Drift/Normal camera change

// Values were linear, now uses tween for smooth

- FIXED :: Camera location lag & FOV

// Now on collisions moves smooth

- FIXED :: Motion blur on high speed

// Wheels still needs radial blur to avoid glitches

- FIXED :: Same torque share on both axles

// Not was changed on Drift Datatable

- FIXED :: Glass material refraction

// On Subaru WRX and Peugeot 208 WRX

- FIXED :: Correct RPM in front wheels on handbrake
// Before on handbrake the four wheels had idle RPM

- FIXED :: CounterSteer on negative speed values

// Changed condition on my countersteer system


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