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Always wanted to do my own 3D racing game, since the old games like Sega Rally , Colin McRae Rally 2 or the Need For Speed ones among others.

The objective of this demo is get feedback about how easy/good/fun the actual driving is. This prototype is focused on get the handling desired. Visuals, sounds, name... are provisional. Handling is around 90% done.

Racing Games references:
Sega Rally Revo  (PC, 2007)  |  Handling, Feel of speed, Terrain deformation
Bettle Adventure Racing  (N64, 1999)  |  Track design, Secret Paths/Boxes, Exploration & Multiplayer

Thinks to keep in mind

Quality Settings

The game starts in high quality. If you have a LowEnd PC you can toggle High/Low quality pressing 0.

Semi-Arcade game

This means the car is 100% full physics, with gears,etc... but driving is focused to be easy and fun.

Drift / Donut System (WIP)

Pressing /Hold X on gamepad (CTRL in keyboard) allows you enter into drift/Donut mode that changes the camera settings and blocks gears to 2nd max to make more easy do donuts around objects.

What's next?

If the feedback about driving is good, the steps for next  public beta:

> 1 Themed track ( Jungle, harbor, egypt... )
> 1 Exclusive car with modular parts ( For Damage / Crash )
> Game UI ( Speed, Gears, Time lap... )

Basically get an overall feel of what playing a track on a final game will look.

Features v0.0.7

- Full Vehicle physics
- Keyboard / Gamepad Support
- Automatic gears
- Back, reverse & orbit cam
- 3 Cars / Gymkhana track- Full car engine sound
- Donut system
- Animated/Rigged driver
- Volumetric clouds



    Left Stick = Direction Left/Right
    RT / LT = Brake / Accelerate
    A = HandBrake
    Y = Reverse View
    X = Donut System
    Start = Reset
    LB+Right Stick = Orbit Cam


    Arrow Keys & WASD = Accel/Brake & Left/Right
    Space = Handbrake
    Orbit Cam = Right click mouse button & move
    Wheel mouse button = Reverse view
    R = Reset
    = Donut System
    0 = Toggle HD/SD quality


Driving Tips

> Release accel on curves to gain grip and steer while reducing speed.

> Check the video to see where and how i brake or use handbrake for best practices.


@DavitMasia Producer, Game Designer, Car Physics setup & coding
Unreal Engine generalist (Blueprints, Materials, bug fixes...) + Driver animation
*****( In green, people hired for specific work )


* Release? MODs? Multiplayer?...
Actually is just a prototype

* In which platforms?
Only for Windows atm
* Min Requirements ?
i7 / 8GB Ram / 1050 ti
* Engine Using?
Unreal Engine 4.27

* Damage-Crash system?
Planned. Arcade feel
* Open-world driving game?
Secret zones/Paths to explore
* Time invested in prototype?
3 months. No full time
* Kind of vehicles?
Various, rally focused

*  Who's the team?
Just me, hiring sometimes


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GenreRacing, Simulation, Sports
Tags3D, Arcade, Driving, rally, Unreal Engine


Unreal Racing - (v0.0.7) (Sunlight) 694 MB
Unreal Racing - (v0.0.6) (Thunderstorm) 694 MB
Unreal Racing - (v0.0.5) (Thunderstorm) 613 MB
Unreal Racing - (v0.0.4) (Sunset) 634 MB

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