VecMaker 1.0 Released !!!

With this update the tool already have all the basic features i wanted to include since i started with it.

Las feature added: Gradients

Linear and Radial Up to 4 colors (Alpha allowed)
Move the colors offset
Move center light on radial
Change the gradient size+angle

In this announcement tweet you can see a video that how works:

Also, with 1.0 released still more galleries left until 1000 (Actually around 600), some FX can be added and possible features like procedural textures,etc... will be tested for inclusion.

And i will start to create videos and tutorial showing every featur, so i expect add some playlist in the main page soon, with this people can see much better all in action and how all is made.


VecMaker (v1.0) 81 MB
Aug 02, 2019
VecMaker Demo (v1.0) 77 MB
Aug 02, 2019

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1. If I use generated content from VecMaker on products like T-shirts, prints, etc. for example, am I able to sell them (including pre-existing content)?

2. If I buy VecMaker, is do I get life-time upgrades without paying more?


1.- Yes you are able to sell in personal/commercial projects, tshirts or whatever you do with Vecmaker, even with existing content like shapes in galleries or whatever.

2.-Yep, after buy is lifetime upgrade free. Today i updated to 1.01 due some bugs on clone and multiple selection. All my tools/assets on itchio are pay once and free updates lifetime.


Thanks for the quick reply mate, sold!! :)


You welcome! ;)