As you can see at the moment is only a prototype but i hope you can get some fun trying to achieve all the medals.

I don't know what to do with this, maybe a "Weekly challenge" doing a track each week with some medals, achievements or include some secrets zones or things like that.


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  • If the car is not entire inside the grass/terrain you don't lose speed ;)
  • Use the handbrake(Space) to control the difting

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
GenreSports, Racing
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, 8-Bit, cars, drift, racer, Retro


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I can't get below 8 seconds💀

I tried finding the checkpoint for when it accepts a lap-time and realized you can drive the track the other way around. How about you beat 5.588 driving the track the other way @Kronbits

Funny game.

Can't do it again! :)

Nice game    but  download?

Love it!

Deleted 2 years ago

woah bro 9fps 



You should make this into a game you know :) cuz this would be very fun to play

Hey, this game is amazing... i was wondering if you can give me a little run down on how you made the interactions for the cars because i'm in a programming class and i have a project i'm about to start working on and  your game is really close to what i had in min. any tips and tricks ? Thanks.


Is made in construct2. It mainly uses the CarBehaviour, so all the handlind is already done, so you only need to tweak the values for speed, drift,etc...

Nice game!!!!      is this made with unity?


I do really like this game! Maybe a ghost, so you know how you made your best time?


Any plans for continuing this? It's got a lot of potential!

Thanks! Not plans at this moment, also have some other car in 3D and focusing on graphics tools in pixelart so no much time XD.

Aw, shame! Nobody really makes these top-down racers anymore and this one handles beautifully. Your graphics tools and pixelart are excellent though, keep up the great work! :)

All will depends how the 3D racing prototypes i'm doing goes, at the moment not very well due the complex physics. So well, if this not changes maybe i cancel and do something in this way, or 3D fake with pre-render like "Speed Demons", so will see.

Awesome, sounds interesting, hope it works out well! 

What is the plugin used for Construct 2 and where can I download it please? :)

If you mean for the CRT shader is called "Lottest Crt" seach in google or construc forums.

I meant actually sir the skidding marks physics of the vehicles 🚗 

For that is just every time > add sprite_tires_mark . They have a fade behaviours that after fade-out are destroyed just that.

Any chance you could put out an example of how it was done? In code, it is easier to understand. Much appreciated!


Is like i ssaid to much more, if you are new on construct i recommend you visit the forums and post in the Help one how to do this. Actually im very busy sorry.

Any chance you could post the source code for this game? I would even buy it to learn for $20 USD. Thanks :)

Not at the moment sorry, maybe i will release some pack with all this prototypes, will see.

Hope you release this is a template for purchase in 2021!


The car physics are pretty amazing. This was made with construct 2 right?

Yep! With the Construct2 car movement plugin :P

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Silver!  I used the small grass patch to slow down at the end of the laps.

The excellent core gameplay and good looks left me feeling nice and creamy inside. 

Physics feel really good and smooth, and I love the CRT scan lines. Keep up the good work!

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Wow! This is my dream game. I did some work in something similar, but it was just a prototype full of spaghetti code. My idea was to make a multiplayer retro top-racing game where you try to beat others best laps. With ghost cars, and this kind of stuff. Please, finish it!

This was my old attempt to create something similar:

Por cierto, me acabo de dar cuenta que eres "de por aquí". Saludos apañero.

En mi caso era hacer un juego de coches que siempre he querido desarrollar pero con tantas ideas y con tantas cosas que uno quiere hacer al final me puse con otro juego. Veremos si algun dia lo retomo ;) .

This is so awesome! Perfect physics. I would love to play it on split screen with someone using game pad. Looking forward for more levels and some extra content! What dev tools did you use for that?

Thanks for the comments. I used COnstruct 2. The development was paused. Maybe with construct 3 release i recover this project, will see!

6.579... Couldn't do better yet. It's very difficult!

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Neat. I like the physics which you developed. I did 8.22 for the best time - not too bad ++

Great! But use the handbrake, that helps you to do much better times, mine is 5.21 :P