As you can see at the moment is only a prototype but i hope you can get some fun trying to achieve all the medals.

I don't know what to do with this, maybe a "Weekly challenge" doing a track each week with some medals, achievements or include some secrets zones or things like that.


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  • If the car is not entire inside the grass/terrain you don't lose speed ;)
  • Use the handbrake(Space) to control the difting

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Published312 days ago
Tags2D, 8-bit, cars, drift, racer, Racing, Retro
Player countSingleplayer


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6.579... Couldn't do better yet. It's very difficult!

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Neat. I like the physics which you developed. I did 8.22 for the best time - not too bad ++

Great! But use the handbrake, that helps you to do much better times, mine is 5.21 :P