To be updated you can follow me at Twitter. I already posted some mockups of 4 levels and other animations tests in 3D.

Started days ago with some pixel mockups to have an idea of how the game will be. This is the final version for the jam. 6 Scenes in total. Too far for all the things i wanted to show but better than nothing.

The idea was some mix of: "Flashback/ Point&Click / V for Vendetta", I know was too ambitious for a short time, the idea was develop all that i can and if people like it maybe continue the development for a full game, so will see.


Thanks to @Coreymill for this great work doing the 3D models and pre-render animations!.


Problems to get out from the jail?

Tip: Imagine u are Mario Bros or Mcgregor in Transporting :P

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TagsAction-Adventure, another-world, flashback, Point & Click, resistjam