After PixaTool , why just stop on 8bit / Pixel conversions? Why not generate textures in a procedural/automatized way? With no code?

The main goal is generate tileable textures at best quality with no manual edition, just moving sliders. Also generate all in real time, without that annoying render time between value changes.

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Development process

The actual idea of this app is to keep free, the online and the possible future desktop versions that may release. Keep in mind,  at the moment this tool is just an experiment.

So, starting with the basic of texture generation using noise functions until the possibility of customize shaders, add/edit code or even load local images for final blend.

<h3>FEATURES 0.0.1</h3>
=== UI ===
- Right click on names: Set Default Value
- Right click on numbers: Edit value
- Mouse wheel Up/Down: Add/subract one step value
- Press (1) & (2) change sliders tab (Noise/Basic FX)
- Pressing (F) toggle fullscreen
- (E) to export textures
- (R) To reset app
=== TEXTURES ===
- Tileable/seamless textures are generated
- Export up to 2048x2048 textures (.png)
*(Chrome) if file to export is more than 1.5mb> ERROR
- Noise / Voronise / Fractal Brownian Motion
(More coming soon!)

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