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Set of 500 textures at 2048x2048 in .JPG and .PNG(The ones with alpha) ,  black and white / GreyScale to be used as blend-layers, add effects to enhance your images and videos, use as backgrounds or mix to your game assets.

In the list below, ones with a (T) means their are seamless/tileable.

*After buy, all future updates will be free.


10 Abstract Noise (T)
10 Bent Gradiant (T)
20 Cells (T)
20 Cobwebs (T)
30 Crackle
10 Dust & Smudge (T)
20 Electricity (T)
10 Fabric (T)
10 Flared Stars (T)
40 Fracture Cracks (T)
10 Frame Smash Out
10 Hive (T)
10 Light rays
10 Manifold Noise
10 Metal Pyramids (T)
20 MF Noise (T)
10 Moire (T)
20 MX Noise Gradient
10 Noise Gabor MOD (T)
20 Noise Gained Perlin (T)
10 Oil And Water (T)
10 Perlin Noise (T)
10 Random Spokes
10 Rhomb Hexagon Patterns
20 Scales (T)
20 Scratches (T)
10 Sixties Swirl
40 Smoke (T)
10 SuperNoise (T)
20 Tears/Rain (T)
10 Techno Stones (T)
10 Voronoi (T)
10 Various Grid

Usage examples

Fracture Cracks texture with multiply blend and opacity at 70%.

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StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, 3D, cgtextures, noise, Procedural Generation, Textures


Get this asset pack and 16 more for $19.95 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$9.95 USD or more

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