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Always wanted to do my own 3D racing game, since the old games like Sega Rally , Colin McRae Rally 2 or the Need For Speed ones among others.

Tried in the past with terrible results due bad car driving, but found a skilled vehicle physics enginer for Unity and after several weeks tweaking, got a good car feeling that motivated to continue the development.

The objective of this demo is get feedback about how easy/good/fun the actual driving is. This prototype is focused on get the handling desired. Visuals, sounds, name... are provisional. Handling is around 90% done.

Racing Games references:
Sega Rally Revo  (PC, 2007)  |  Handling, Feel of speed, Terrain deformation
Bette Adventure Racing  (N64, 1999)  |  Track design, Secret Paths/Boxes, Exploration & Multiplayer

What's next?

If the feedback about driving is good, the steps for next demo are:

> 1 Themed track ( Jungle, harbor, egypt... )
> 1 Exclusive car with modular parts ( For Damage / Crash )
> Game UI ( Speed, Gears, Time lap... )

Basically get an overall feel of what playing a track on a final game will look.

Features v0.0.2

- Full Vehicle physics
- Keyboard / Gamepad Support
- Air vehicle control
- Back, reverse & orbit cam
- One Car / Motorsport track- Full car engine sound
- Turbo Boost
- Speed & Turbo indicators
- Volumetric smoke



    Left Stick = Direction Left/Right
    RT / LT = Brake / Accelerate
    A = HandBrake
    Y = Reverse View
    B =
    Turbo Boost
    X =
    Orbit camera (right stick to move)
    LB =


    Arrow Keys & WASD = Accel/Brake & Left/Right
    Space = Handbrake
    M = Turbo Boost
    O = Orbit Camera (Mouse to move)
    Y = Reverse View
    R = Reset


Driving Tips

> Release accel on curves to gain grip and steer while reducing speed.

> Use Accel/Brake/Steer to move car in air and fix direction as possible.

> Check the video to see where and how i brake or use handbrake for best practices.


@DavitMasia Producer, Game Designer, Car Physics setup & coding
Vehicle Physics Enginer
@ToroidStudioTech Artist for Visuals
Sound Enginer
Car assets setup + CustomPostFXSettings
Some bugs fixes
*****( In green, people hired for specific work )


* Release? MODs? Multiplayer?...
Actually is just a prototype

* In which platforms?
Only for Windows atm
* Min Requirements ?
i7 / 8GB Ram / 1050 ti
* Engine Using?
Unity. Built-In Render. C#

* Damage-Crash system?
Planned. Arcade feel
* Open-world driving game?
Secret zones/Paths to explore
* Time invested in prototype?
4 months. No full time
* Kind of vehicles?
Various, rally focused

*  Who's the team?
Just me, hiring sometimes


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GenreRacing, Sports
Tags3D, Arcade, Driving


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Demo v0.0.1 (VSync) 183 MB
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